Biodiversity is at the core of numberless benefits and services. Supporting the richness of animals, plants, environments, and their countless interactions is essential to keep the ecological functions and the resilience of natural resources. As human activities have relentlessly modified terrestrial environments, biodiversity support is one of the biggest targets for our civilization.

To better understand the issues related to the conservation and protection of biodiversity, the experienced ecologists of Wild Trees mobilise their expertise for the operational and strategic support of initiatives with the aim of preserving biodiversity and supporting ecological functions.

Missions developed by Wild Trees

  • Assistance to project management : certification procedure (HEQ / BREEAM / Biodivercity / Effinature), improvement of a project’s potential to introduce biodiversity, identification of wetlands
  • Carrying out ecological diagnoses
  • CSR / ESG strategy on the preservation and consideration of biodiversity
  • Training and events on biodiversity
  • Support for the creation of educational materials