Energy & Climate

WILD TREES accompanies you on the issues of attenuation & adaptation to climate change

Our expertise

It is necessary that all market stakeholders implement attenuation actions for climate change and reduce sharply their greenhouse gas emissions to reach national and international targets of the Paris Agreement. Besides, it is extremely important to integrate the already acknowledged risks in their practices and develop a coherent action plan to adapt to climate change.

WILD TREES intervenes at a strategic level by supporting public and private stakeholders in the definition of medium and long term action plans. It also helps at the operational level by developing modeling decision support tools to reduce the impact of companies and their activities on the climate.

Missions developed by Wild Trees

  • Creation of Greenhouse Gas Emissions balances for the company and Climate Plan for public and private stakeholders.
  • Support to define strategies for the climate change’s adaptation
  • Creation of Carbon balances at different scales (organisation, development project, lifecycle of a building, construction site)
  • Support in ongoing negotiations and tools to analyse the carbon risk (CRREM, CDP, ACT)
  • Mapping of physical and transitional climate risks for public and private stakeholders