Resilient Buildings

WILD TREES accompanies you on the environmental & energy performance of buildings issues 

réchauffement climatique

Our expertise

Energy and environmental performance is one of the major issues related to the carbon footprint of buildings. This is why French regulations are rapidly evolving and setting increasingly important objectives, such as those of the Tertiary Decree and the environmental regulation RE 2020.

WILD TREES has expertise in France and internationally on energy efficiency and environmental performance programs for buildings. Thanks to WILD TREES’ solid knowledge of energy regulations and of the French real estate sector, WILD TREES assists all its stakeholders in their compliance and in the implementation of additional virtuous actions.

Missions developed by Wild Trees

  • Project management of energy management programs for the funders’ assets
  • Management of international energy efficiency and environmental performance programs on tertiary and residential buildings
  • Energy mapping of private stakeholder’s assets
  • Project management of energy performance management projects (energy performance improvement strategy, strategy for compliance with the Tertiary Decree and deployment to stakeholders: managers, property managers, tenants, etc.)
  • Support and training on the regulatory and technical aspects of energy performance improvement.