Compliance with the Dispositif Eco Energie Tertiaire (Tertiary Decree)

WILD TREES offers technical and strategic support to ensure the compliance of tertiary real estate portfolios with the obligations of the Dispositif Eco Energie Tertiaire, both in the upstream phase (energy data collection) and in the operational phase (energy performance improvement plan).

Dispositif Eco Energie Tertiaire

Key competences

Regulatory knowledge of the texts of the Tertiary Decree and understanding of the operational functioning of the system

Technical knowledge of real estate assets and energy performance criteria

Data collection, processing, and analysis

Detailed knowledge of the responsibilities of the various stakeholders in the real estate value chain

Main missions

Dispositif Eco Energie Tertiaire
  • Energy mapping of real estate assets (lessor/lessee responsibilities, energy delivery points)
  • Collection of source data (historical consumption, technical data)
  • Performing pre-audits through site visits
  • Processing and analysis of technical data
  • Establishment of an effective landlord/tenant collaboration
  • Definition of a compliance strategy (reference, objectives, action plan, CAPEX)
  • Management of the data upload on the governmental platform OPERAT
  • Operational deployment of the action plan in line with the existing management plan