Definition of methodologies for the Taxonomy

Wild Trees supports real estate companies in the appropriation of new European and French regulations, as well as creating definitions of methodologies and internal processes to facilitate compliance. Wild Trees has expertise notably in the European Taxonomy, and in the development of methodologies to calculate taxonomic, eligibility and alignment indicators.


Key competences

Knowledge of the real estate market and ESG trends

Knowledge of flow of funds specific to each type of real estate company

Technical knowledge of real estate assets

Data collection, processing, and analysis

ESG regulations knowledge and constant monitoring

Main Missions

finance responsable
  • Training and awareness of European and French regulations
  • Flow of funds analysis and comparison with the technical criteria of Taxonomy
  • Data collection from Property Managers, Asset Managers and Facility Managers
  • Processing, reliability, and analysis of ESG data (energy data, carbon footprint, etc.)
  • Definition of methodologies related to the internal information processes and systems
  • Calculation of taxonomy indicators