Definition of the methodologies for the issuance of Green Bonds

Wild Trees supports real estate companies in the issuance of Green Bonds by defining methodologies that allow the evaluation of the fund flow’s eligibility with the repository and by calculating the related environmental benefits. Besides, the company helps its clients with periodic allocation and impact reporting.

Green Bonds

Key competences

Knowledge of the real estate market and ESG trends

Technical knowledge of real estate assets

Knowledge of ESG regulations and constant monitoring

Data collection, processing, and analysis

Main Missions

Green Bonds
  • Analysis of the evolution of the regulatory framework and evolution of the tools for assessing the environmental performance of real estate
  • Evaluation of the energy and environmental performance of real estate assets
  • Definition of a selection method for the best performing assets
  • Modelling of GHG emissions and evaluation of climate benefits, and quantification of impacts
  • Certification with the CBI and exchange with the organization to enhance the approach
  • Valuation in the client’s reporting