Development and deployment of a climate change adaptation strategy

WILD TREES supports real estate players in taking into account the risks related to the adaptation of their real estate assets to the effects of climate change and the impacts and hazards it generates.


Key competences

Knowledge of climate change scenarios and models of increased frequency and intensity of climate hazards

Mastery of climate risk analysis tools (R4RE, Bat-Adapt) and associated methodologies

Ability to analyze the sensitivity to physical risks at the scale of a real estate asset according to its exposure and its technical characteristics

Broad knowledge of actions to adapt to climate change for real estate assets (technical, human, biodiversity, etc.)

Knowledge of the French and European regulatory context around adaptation to climate change (European Green Taxonomy in particular)

Main Missions

  • Analysis of exposure to climate risks at the scale of real estate portfolios or assets
  • Definition of strategies for prioritizing and prioritizing real estate assets with regard to their exposure to climatic hazards
  • Definition of building adaptation strategies to climate change
  • Identification and deployment of generic and specific actions to adapt to climate change.