Support for ESG strategies’ deployment

WILD TREES assists listed real estate companies, portfolio management corporations and real estate developers with the implementation of their ESG strategy, both at the entity and real estate asset level. The technical knowledge of constructions and the constant monitoring of the real estate market facilitate the creation of strategies closely based on the needs of the participants.

Stratégies ESG

Key competences

Knowledge of the real estate market and ESG trends

Technical knowledge of real estate assets

ESG regulations knowledge and constant monitoring

Data collection, processing, and analysis

Expertise on major real estate issues: Energy, Carbon and Biodiversity

Main Missions

stratégie ESG
  • Definition of responsible purchasing policy
  • Realization of materiality matrices and double materiality analysis (risks and negative impacts)
  • Data collection from Property Managers, Asset Managers and Facility Managers
  • Processing, reliability, and analysis of ESG data (energy data, carbon footprint, etc.)
  • Preparation and management of CSR Committees
  • Conducting training sessions for employees