Definition and implementation of environmental programs during the construction phase

WILD TREES helps improve the environmental performance of renovation and construction projects. Assisting the contracting authority and present alongside the project management teams as well as all project stakeholders, WILD TREES ensures the definition and implementation of environmental objectives from the programming phase to the delivery.


Key competences

Proficiency of the operational and financial aspects of a real estate transaction

Understanding of the environmental issues of an operation with regard to regulations, technical constraints and the needs of future lessees or buyers

In-depth knowledge of carbon, energy and environmental performance analysis tools specific to real estate operations (ACV and STD)

Main Missions

james-sullivan-ESZRBtkQ_f8-unsplash (1)
  • Implementation of a carbon sobriety strategy with regard to the CREEM trajectory and the client’s ESG strategy: LCA, reuse, circular economy
  • Definition of an action plan to improve the energy efficiency of the building with regard to the requirements of the tertiary decree and support in obtaining CEE
  • Support in the choice and implementation of building certifications and labels (BREEAM, HQE, BBCA, Wiredscore, Biodivercity, Effinature, etc.)
  • Assessment of the building’s resilience with regard to climate risks and implementation of an adaptation plan
  • Realization of resource diagnoses, search for reuse channels and support for project management teams in the choice of materials used
  • Ensure the involvement of project management teams and companies around the environmental program and the sustainable ambitions of the project