Environmental Due Diligence in acquisition

WILD TREES supports real estate players in the analysis of the environmental performance of assets in the Due Diligence phase, through the various regulations (Tertiary Decree, BACS decree, etc.) and voluntary and market mechanisms (CRREM, European Green Taxonomy , SRI label, etc.).


Key competences

Technical knowledge of the energy and environmental functioning of buildings

In-depth knowledge of French and European regulatory and voluntary benchmarks around energy and carbon performance (Tertiary Decree, DPE, CRREM)

Mastery of benchmarks and environmental market practices (SRI grids, European Green Taxonomy, adaptation to climate change)

Ability to identify and prioritize risks with regard to the targeted environmental objectives

Ability to develop multiple and flexible generalist and technical expertise in limited time

Main Missions

  • Environmental assessment of real estate assets based on technical visits and/or data-room studies;
  • Identification and prioritization of energy and environmental performance risks (regulatory non-compliance, non-achievement of targets and technical obstacles).
  • Definition of investment plans to meet desired environmental performance targets (energy, carbon & other benchmarks).