Support with GRESB Response

WILD TREES supports real estate companies answering surveys which allow them to add value to their ESG engagements and actions. The company has expertise in the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB) repository, which is a specific survey in the real estate market, and WILD TREES assists its clients with improving their results.

Réponse au GREB

Key competences

Knowledge of the real estate market and ESG trends

Technical knowledge of real estate assets

Knowledge of ESG regulations and constant monitoring

Knowledge of extra-financial surveys’ repositories

Data collection, processing, and analysis

Main missions

Réponse au GRESB
  • Inventory of ESG practices and real estate assets performance and gap analysis with GRESB repository
  • Training and awareness of GRESB repository
  • Definition of an improvement plan for the results obtained and plan monitoring
  • Data collection from Property Managers, Asset Managers and Facility Managers
  • Processing, reliability, and analysis of ESG data (energy data, carbon footprint, etc.)
  • Response to the GRESB survey in the required platform
  • Exchanges with the GRESB before the submission and during the review period (Response Check and Review Period)
  • Final validation of the survey and exchanges with CSR management